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Movie Serial - The Hurricane Express (1932) Chapter 07: Sealed Lips

The Hurricane Express (1932) - 12 Chapters

Larry Baker works for L & R Railroad, where "The Wrecker" has been wreaking havoc on the trains. Larry wants to find out who the wrecker is and avenge his father, who was one of the wrecker's victims, but that is complicated by the fact that The Wrecker is a master of disguises who can change his appearance quickly and easily.

You can read more about this movie serial on this IMDb page.

Chapter 01 - The Wrecker
Chapter 02 - Flying Pirates
Chapter 03 - The Masked Menace
Chapter 04 - Buried Alive
Chapter 05 - Danger Lights
Chapter 06 - The Airport Mystery
Chapter 07 - Sealed Lips
Chapter 08 - Outside the Law
Chapter 09 - The Invisible Enemy
Chapter 10 - The Wrecker's Secret
Chapter 11 - Wings of Death
Chapter 12 - Unmasked

Run time 18 minutes 19 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, b/w


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